Traveling with a baby: can (should) it be done?

Traveling with a baby: can (should) it be done?

This may sound completely ridiculous and selfish, but one of my biggest concerns about having a baby is the potential that I will be unable to travel for the next 18 years. I figure the parenting bit will come naturally- you figure it out as you go, right? Traveling with a baby seems like it would be so much more complicated.

Nervous parents, freaked out kids

For example, when boarding an airplane, you sit down and quietly watch to see who will sit near you. There's that moment of suspense when a nervous-looking mother walks onboard with a baby or toddler. Will she sit behind you? Will the baby wail or snooze the whole time? That's a cute kid though...

Of course you feel for the mother. And the baby, really. The noise from the engine has got to be terrifying, nevermind the pressure change and having no idea how to handle it. Turbulence? Get out. I'm over here waving my hands around like a cat falling out of a tree, trying to grab a hold of anything stable. A little one could be pretty helpless in that situation. Or maybe he's having the ride of his life!!


Cost and ease of travel

There's the baby gear, and traveling with the baby gear. What do you really need? What can you do without? Do you need to rent a cargo van, or can you make do with your little pre-baby sedan? How many bags do you really want to pay to check?

We prefer to not blow the bank when we travel. Aside from finding a place to shower every couple of days, we try to avoid hotel stays. We like to camp and/or sleep in our car whenever possible. Can you even camp with an infant??


Other families are doing it! Why can't we?

It turns out that yes, it is possible! This family from Canada took their 10-week old baby on a tent camping trip, and it was a success! This post is an older one, from 2013- but if you look through their blog, you will see that they have been traveling with their child ever since, to all kinds of destinations. How awesome is that?

I don't have any advice to offer myself- we'll get there ;) In the meantime, a major focus of my blog will be sharing the stories of other families that I find inspiring. Families that go against the general idea that traveling with kids is a nightmare. Families that use travel as a means to educate their little ones.


Do you?

Do you travel with your little one? What worked for you and your child? What didn't go so well? We would love to hear some of your own experiences and tips! 


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