What We're All About

Hi and welcome to Tiny Whiney.  My name is Natalie.  I started Tiny Whiney as a way to share my passion for creating colorful and playful designs from inspiration I find all around me.

We live in the beautiful Northwest so there's no shortage of amazing vistas and beautiful wildlife to get my creative juices flowing.

While we have a mix of products I love creating colorful designs for babies.  My husband and I have struggled to have kids of our own, but we have been blessed with nephews, a niece, and lots of friends with little ones to enjoy.  

My background has absolutely nothing to do with textiles and design, but in 2011 I discovered an old sewing machine that belonged to my husband's grandmother. We took it home and I fell in love with sewing.

I started my first Etsy shop that same year selling pillows and other creations. Since then I've discovered I have a passion for putting my ideas on paper, fabric, or whatever comes to mind.

What Makes Tiny Whiney So Special?

Each of our products comes from a doodle, a painting, or picture that I've created from personal inspiration. We select only the best suppliers to turn these ideas into products for our customers to enjoy. All of our products are produced right here in the U.S.A.